Introduction Of Pharmaceutical Intermediates

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Chemical and pharmaceutical intermediates are actually some chemical raw materials or chemical products used in the process of drug synthesis. Used in the synthesis of some drugs, the term pharmaceutical intermediates should be regarded as a general term for some chemical products, such as o-nitrobenzaldehyde, which is used in the anti-pain medicine nitropyridine (heart pain medicine) and reduces the nitro group to After the amino group becomes o-aminobenzaldehyde, quinoline ring drugs can be synthesized from it. This product is mainly used in pharmaceutical and dye intermediates, and as a reagent for detecting acetone.

The domestic pharmaceutical intermediate industry has now entered a mature stage. The early days when a few skilled workers can build a profitable industry have passed, and there will be no situation where a basic intermediate similar to axamic acid will be used for the production of more than a dozen drugs. With the development of the pharmaceutical industry, new demands for pharmaceutical intermediates will continue to emerge. For example, the demand for aztreonam intermediates will gradually increase.

However, these new products have not yet formed a large market demand. At present, the types of pharmaceutical intermediates that are in relatively large domestic demand are still traditional series of products such as axamic acid, noraminothiaxamic acid and its derivatives. Companies that start new projects should carefully consider, and on the premise that they have sufficient funds and technical capabilities and maintain good relationships with pharmaceutical companies, they should reasonably grasp the opportunity to intervene; in addition, they should have a good understanding of domestic and foreign counterparts and upstream and downstream trends , Take precautions and seize the market opportunity.